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Waxing for ladies and gentelman and definitive hair removal.

massage Basel


Body services includes body microdermabrasion and body massage. Check the article for details and prices


Facial services include cleansing, peeling, mask, serum, daycream, facial massage, microdermobrasion, exfoliation. Available for ladies and gentelmen.

Eyes category includes eyebrow shape and tint and eyelash tint for ladies and gentelmen.


Nails services include manicure and pedicure with or without nail polish and shellack. Offered for ladies and gentlemen.

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About Wellness Paradise

Wellness Paradise works with products of MATIS PARIS.

We are constantly in trainings, to get the best knowledge of the newest products and treatments on the market, to then share and advice our customers to their best.

We will take care of your skin and make your natural beauty glow.


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